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Sniper-Duty is dedicated to the awesome game Call of Duty (COD) flash shooting game. It consists of 3x60 second rounds where your objective is to shoot the bad guys as accurately as possible. You can aim for the head or the body area. The closer you are to the center of each of these areas the more points you gain. The trick is to make every single shot count. If you waste a bullet on thin air your points will suffer!

Fire: left_mouse

Left Mouse button to shoot, 'R' to reload, 'Spacebar' to switch weapons and zoom in/out.

Play: Duty Games, Sniper Games

Tags: Action Games, Aiming Games, Call Games, Callofduty Games, Counter Games, Duty Games, Firing Games, Pistol Games, Rifle Games, Shooting Games, Sniper Games, Strike Games
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