Super Marine

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Join Marine Special Forces... Fight off the invading enemy forces!
Equiped with a machine gun, rocket launcher, grenades, Plasma Gun. Upgrade Armor, shield, many more

Q: graphic quality
E: to repair turret
F: your status
I: hint
H: help
1: Machine Gun
Fire: left_mouse
3: Cannon
2: Grenade Launcher
4: Rocket Launcher
Movement: wasd

Use mouse to target, left click to shoot, space key enter upgrade shop,
1=Normal weapon
2=Grenade Launcher
4=Rocket Launcher

q=graphic quality
f=your status
e=to repair turret

Movement AWSD or arrow key

Play: Marine Games, Super Games, Super Marine 2, Super Marine 3

Tags: Action Games, High-scores Games, Shooting Games, Teen Games
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