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Released Jul 2007 without sponsor, colourPod is an innovative defense game that requires double think to both collect coloured fragments (thereby accumulating coloured powers) and destroy colourless fragments. The game progresses with more complex coloured abilities and more cunning enemies in the ultimate goal to restore as many pixels as possible.

colourPod has more than 75 000 plays on Kongregate, won weekly 3rd prize, and maintains a rating of 3.59 with more than 600 favourites. It also won daily 5th prize when released on NewGrounds.

The sequel to colourPod will be released early August 08. It has been been reprogrammed completely, and is better in absolutely every way. It's going to be BIG.

So, get your piece of the pie now by buying a non-exclusive license to colourPod.

Space: unknown
Fire: left_mouse
Auto: unknown
M: unknown
P: unknown
S: unknown
Mouse: red

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