Mantodea Ex Machina

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A fast-paced 2D hack-and-slash platformer action/adventure game

Fire: left_mouse
Movement: wasd

Level is divided up into mini stages, the start of each stage is a checkpoint. Objective is to get from the start of each stage to the finish without dying. Start of the stage is generally on the left half of the world, the end is generally on the right half of the world. Enemies, secrets, items, and structural obstacles lay in your way. The level concludes with a boss battle for which the objective is to defeat the boss by dealing enough damage before the boss kills you.

Health bar is located in upper left corner. Yellow gauge/bar bellow health bar is adrenaline. Successful damage to enemies raises your adrenaline, but slowly dwindles with time. Extra adrenaline will increase your overall movement, reaction speed, and jumping ability, while a lack of adrenaline will slow you down, slow reaction speed, and limit jumping ability.

On Ground:
W - Jump
A - Run left
D - Run right
S - Slide

In Air:
W -- Boost jump
A -- Move left / Wall slide
D -- Move Right / Wall slide
S -- Ground Stomp/Attack

Spacebar -- shoot weapon
Left Click -- Attack the spot where the user clicked. A successful hit is rewarded with another attack, otherwise the user must touch ground or wall before being able to attack again

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