Speedball 4

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Speedball 4 is a game where you cannot slow down. The way to win is to stay away from the edge. The game has 'evolved' through the different stages of speedball 1 through 3.

Jump: space
Movement: arrow

ok there are 5 types of game mode:

use the arrow keys to gain speed the higher the speed the higher the score

catch the red ***** to increase your score.
controls:arrow keys and space to spend money
every so often you will come across upgrades to increase score money etc

Use the arrow keys to race the computer to get the ball when you get one your score increases. If they get one you will lose points.

two player:
race to get the ball first to 5 wins. hitting the side will reset your speed and score
player one
page down-right
player two
arrow keys

use the left and right arrow keys to steer
to get through gates use a speed of 20 or more
space to jump
speed tunnels are yellow they will speed you up to tremendous speeds

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